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September 24 2020 | 10am - 4pm

Hosted By Erica Mandy


Opening Remarks

10 AM

The X Fronts kick off with a welcome from our host. 



Erica Mandy, The NewsWorthy  

The Independent Impact with AdvertiseCast

10:15 AM

Did you know major network content is just the tip of iceberg? Hear from AdvertiseCast's leadership team on insights they've gleaned from running the premier podcast advertising network.


Dave Hanley, VP Business Development, AdvertiseCast

Trevr Smithlin, Founder and CEO, AdvertiseCast 

Crooked Media Presentation

10:35 AM


Giancarlo Bizarro, Head of Sales, Crooked Media

Talkhouse Presentation

10:45 AM


Ian Wheeler, Co-Founder, Talkhouse

Chris Long, ‎Host of Green Light with Chris Long

mxmtoon, Musician

Wonder Media Network Presentation

10:55 AM


Shira Atkins, Co-Founder, WMN Network

Podcasting Evolved: The Mailchimp Story

11:10 AM

From 'MailKimp' to a thriving network of branded shows, Mailchimp has established itself as a company unafraid to take risks and innovate in the podcast space.


Sarita Alami, Director of Programming, Mailchimp Studios

Max Linsky, Host of Longform and The Books That Changed Us

Scott Newman, Founder and Creative Director, work x work

Headgum Presentation

11:35 AM


Marty Michael, Co-Founder, Headgum

Jake Hurwitz, Co-Founder, Headgum

Amir Blumenfeld, Co-Founder, Headgum

Lauren Lapkus, Comedian

Nicole Byer, Comedian 

Domino Sound Presentation

11:45 AM


Alexandra DiPalma, President, Domino Sound

Kenya Denise, Creative Director and CCO, Domino Sound

Homero Radway, CFO, Domino Sound

Noleca Radway, CEO, Domino Sound

DCP Entertainment Presentation

11:55 AM


Chris Colbert, CEO, DCP Entertainment

Danielle Moodie, Host of Woke AF

Touré, Host of The Touré Show

The New Normal: Podcast Trends Report from AdsWizz and Simplecast

12:10 PM

COVID-19 has created a "new normal" in podcast advertising. Programmatic ad buys are up, and new technology is lighting the way. What do you need to know to reach a valuable (and growing) audience?



Zac Pinkham, Vice President of Demand, AdsWizz

Brad Smith, Founder and CEO, Simplecast

Cloud10 Presentation

12:35 PM


Amanda Holland, Head of Sales, Cloud10

Sim Sarna, CEO, Cloud10

Busy Philipps, Host of Busy Philipps is Doing Her Best

Kerning Cultures Network Presentation

12:45 PM


Hebah Fisher, Cofounder and CEO, Kerning Cultures Network

Alaa Balkhy, Host of Minnana Minnakum Podcast

Lipstick & Vinyl Presentation

12:55 PM


Allyson Marino, Founder, Lipstick & Vinyl

Scaling Your Advertising Where Your Competitors Aren't with Magellan AI

1:35 PM

Learn how to identify and buy with confidence with insights from Magellan AI. 


John Goforth, Head of Sales and Business Development, Magellan AI

Martha Gallant, Manager of Growth Marketing, Helix Sleep

Kast Media Presentation

2:00 PM


Mike Jensen, Chief Revenue Officer, Kast Media

Colin Thomson, Founder and CEO, Kast Media

Dustin Knouse, VP of Creative Development, Kast Media

Lisa Vanderpump, Host of All Things Vanderpump

Multitude Productions Presentation

2:10 PM


Amanda McLoughlin, CEO, Multitude Productions

Locked On Presentation

2:20 PM


David Locke, Founder, Locked On 

Ross Jackson, Host of Locked On Saints 

Peter Bukowski, Host of Locked On Packers

Nick Quah and Dallas Taylor in Conversation

2:35 PM


Nick Quah, Editor, Hot Pod

Dallas Taylor, Host of Twenty Thousand Hertz

The Skimm Presentation

3:00 PM


Carly Zakin, Co-founder and CEO, The Skimm

QCODE Presentation

3:10 PM


Rich Eisemen, Head of Sales, QCODE

Closing Remarks

3:20 PM


Erica Mandy, Host of The NewsWorthy

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